Monday, August 31, 2009

taking the midnight train to anywhere

it's music slash photos time!!!!
with a quote or two.
i don't want to waste my good quotes on this post cos i'd rather use photos i didn't take for that!

so i recently turned a bunch of my pictures into polaroids.
i think they look much better this way, but i still want a real polaroid camera.
i still want to take a photo that will take my breath away.
if you're interested to see what these looked like before i edited them, let me know.
and if you want to see more of 'em, let me know.

** p.s. blogger totally butchered the quality of these photos. must they be so small?! and when you click on them, must they be SO large?! i'm sure there's a way to fix it.... but i'm technologically challenged. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Eisley - Just Like We Do

My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement.

~ Joe vs. the Volcano

'If only.'
Those must be the two saddest words in the world.

~ Mercedes Lackey

I love that feeling. You know, the one you get when you take a deep breath and suddenly everything feels like it's going to be okay. When you're hopeless as can be, and life is going nowhere, there's those moments we have every now and then where we just stop, and we get this feeling, that can't be described, but you just.. you just feel like everything really is going to be okay. Like the world stopped spinning for a second, and everything was clear. I need more of those moments.

take care, be good, don't drink and drive



Ghost Writer said...

Love the pics polaroid style..there's something so haunting about them.

Moondust(: said...

:D :D i love love love those quotes.
i stole them :p
and you are very good photographer, but you already know that.

JJ said...

These are amazing.
You're right, Blogger killed the quality. They looked much better on your computer.
I think you should post what they looked like before! Also, post the other ones you made.

You're going to be the photographer at my wedding. Just to let you know.

- JJ x

Kelsie Lynn said...

oh my gosh that first quote is amazing!
how did you do these pics ey? well done!

if i sent you one would you make it look like a polaroid too? haha

you're amazing

Feelmore said...

my favorite thing ever. images paired with words from somewhere else. they create their own world!

to make photos smaller when you post, you can bring down the dpi (resolution) of the image first in photo shop or a similar program by clicking on image size.

also, how did you turn these into polaroids? they are so beautiful! i really really really love them! would love to see the before photos as well!


Anonymous said...

you're going to be photographer at my wedding too. Just to let you know. %

Lemon said...

never heard the song before.
i like. i like.

Nee said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. Wow.
Post more! And I want to see what these looked like before!

Love you baby xo

Wuthering said...