Wednesday, August 26, 2009

happy birthday sister

Phil Collins - You'll be in my Heart
dedicated to my sister and our oldschool disney marathons

so my sister's birthday was last week; she turned 8 years old.

i told myself i'd write a little summin summin for her, but, naturally, being the pathological procrastinator that i am, i didn't.

i told myself it's too late for it now...

but then i thought...
says who?!

so here it is:

i'd always wanted a little sister.
growing up with two brothers completely shaped my personality.
i'm very competitive and i don't accept defeat easily. i love wrestling for the heck of it. i really enjoy burping contests although i can't participate in them myself, seeing as i don't know how to burp on purpose, although many people have tried to teach me.

so one fine day (august 17th, 2001, to be exact), when i was 10 years old, i got the one thing i've always begged my mother for:
a baby sister named Zeina...

too little too late, though. thanks mom.

zeina turned to me to teach her how to apply make-up (indeed, generation x is doomed).. only to find that i was more helpless than she was.

she strutted around in annoying plastic high heels and laughed at me when i stumbled in my mom's.

she begged me to paint her toe nails and i did, even though the smell of nail polish nauseates me.
she looked like she'd gotten a pedicure from a chicken...

dear zeina,

even though we're polar opposites, i love you so much.
even when i tell you i don't.
even when i call you zeina shaina*

i don't know anyone else who can shoot mickey-shaped snot out of their nose
(dear readers: not a work of fiction. it really happened. it was hilarious)

i don't know anyone else who gets so cut up when they see someone cry.
you are so attentive to lots of things.
even when our brother hits you, then baba makes him cry, you cry with him and hug him and tell him to stop crying.

i don't know anyone else who isn't asking when taking permission for something, just merely stating a fact.
(like the other day when you "asked" me if you could use my ipod, and i said no, and you shrugged; then i walked in my room 2 minutes later to find you, on my bed, listening to my ipod)

i don't know anyone else who could spell transportation when they were 4 years old.
(and you never let us forget. zeina: "*meets a perfect stranger* hi, dare me to spell transportation?")

zeina, i love you like a french braid.
you start out with 3 strands and that could be enough; it would work out fine. but then you add more hair to each side. you pull on the hair and it hurts sometimes. but that only makes the braid tighter and more secure.
we've had our share of fights,
but i'll always love you,
and i'll always be here if you need someone to scribble on your toes again.


(my sister and i have fun photoshoots together)
p.s. don't let the messy appearance fool you; i did that... for purely artistic reasons.
she really is the girliest girl ever.

* shaina - arabic slang for 'bad.' which is ironic since zeina means 'good' (:

take care, kind earthlings



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Zeina =)


JJ said...

9:30 am. I wake up and I read the sweetest thing ever.
I hope Zeina knows how lucky she is. 'Cause she really is a brat xD

<3 always,
JJ x

Sarah said...

Awwwww she's adorable! Happy Birthday to her!
This is so cute! xxx

Reginasaurus said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog! I just scanned yours and it is lovely. This post about your sister is precious. I have a little brother who is seven years younger than me and it is definitely a different relationship. Your sister is so pretty!


Samar said...

I love you and miss you so much!!

Danya, please report this to her:
happy birthday to you
you live in a zoo
you look like a monkey
and you smell like one too

(like a nice smelling monkey :) )

Yansy said...

Your little sister is adorable. I hope she's having a fabulous b-day.

Feelmore said...

sisters are always there for eachother, i love it!

and phil collins rocks, btw.

Kelsie Lynn said...

I havent read your blog in a hwile! how could i do that?

I miss your crazy writing.

sisters are awsome. mine is 10 (i tihnk)..anyway. cute age

Wuthering said...

That is the most precious post ever!!

Happy Belated birthday to your lil'sis :)

Widge said...

What a gorgeous post! big happy birthday to your little sister :)

Ghost Writer said...

Great post sweetie..Love the poem thingie you wrote for Zeina - be sure to keep it will keep you warm when you're old and married and the two of you live on different sides of the planet! She is SO ADORABLE as well! Muchos love, chica xxxx