Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Colorisa

I've always wanted to do a balloon painting. A painting where I tape a bunch of paint-filled balloons to a canvas, then throw darts at them until they all pop.

Yesterday, a bunch of my friends and I got together, and, united, we decided to fulfill that dream of mine –

which turned out to be a quite mutual dream.

And so we....

taped and we...

laughed at our awful aiming
(this picture was taken 5 minutes after we first started throwing darts...)
and we...

got all excited about our first pop (!!!)
and we...

noticed that our aiming had improved significantly,
(or we were suddenly just very lucky...),
and we...

took some awesome pictures,
and we...

went a little overboard with the paint-filling,
and we...

gave up on the balloon popping thing,
and started randomly squirting the poster with paint,
and we...

laughed at the result,
especially when we realized that,
the true masterpiece was actually......

on the ground.

Nevertheless, we are all very much in love with our painting.

We called it The Colorisa.



We joked about what would happen if we were to hang it up in a modern arts museum.

We are pretty certain that the critics will be all,

"This piece is so......... deep. If you notice the little blotch on the left, it is very evident that the artist has a tortured soul. The fuchsia stands for the disturbing dreams he's been having about mating with a pig."

We got more paint on ourselves and on the floor (and on our photographer's camera - sorry Fatima) than on anything else.

But that was the best part of it.

We're going to do another (hopefully more successful) one soon because we have new tactics lined up.

Wish us luck.

Naimah, Sumer, Fati, Sara -

Thank you for an awesome day.

You guys are the keys to my piano.

Rare Readers -

Tell me about an awesome creation you made (:

Photo credit: My friend Fatima.

Except for the final result one. Naimah took that with her BlackBerry.



Anonymous said...

you couldn't wait till i got back from the states to do something completely random???!!!!
miss u danyamite :P

-mona xx

Danya A. said...

And you didn't even call me before you left -
what the hell -_-
I sent you a message on your phone to tell you that I figured out the reason behind your obsession with cows, then a coupla days later my mom told me you were in the states.
When are you coming back?
You should go on msn more often.

Kym said...

oh my gosh, how awesome is that??!! sounds and looks like a ton of fun, i'll have to try that someday and you're so right about all this artwork that critics find some deep metaphorical life lessons behind. hahaha!

Anonymous said...


Little Miss Tiara said...

wow wow, I never heard of baloon painting before and I'm sure it's like heaps of fun! :D now I need a place as a target, lol. since the apint will go everywhere, haha...

Tala said...

I WOULD SO TOTALY BUY THAT!TRUST ME!! IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO A COLORISA! I SWEAR U CAN SELL THIS FOR SOO MUCH! beautiful sounds like sooooooooooo muccch fun!! i love u guys! my artists!

Wuthering said...

Yay! Randomosity is soooooooo deeeeeep :) I'm still laughing at the image of you guys not able to pop the balloons. haaaaahaaaa. btw, its gorgeous!

Sara said...

hahahahahahha! That pic after 5 mins proves how good we were loool!!! Ahh i had soooo much fun! Thank u guys for an amazing day :D love u!!;**

Samar said...

I feel so leftouuuuuuuuuuut :'(((((
why couldn't you do such fun stuff when I'm in Saudi Arabia?!!!!

I hate you.

Moodiez said...

Marra wanasa!!

Wish i was there.. miss u guys :')


That's awesome.
My good friend made a nontoxic paint vomit painting...that was pretty messed up.
The weird thing is, when people see the painting for the first time and dont know how it was made they think it's awesome.
As for me..i've made some pretty cool mixed CDs with their own Zack-made CD cases.
Pretty awesome if I do say so myself.
I shall make you one some day.

JJ said...

We must do that someday!
Or even better: Wear our swimming trunks and cover ourselves in paint then roll around on a poster!

- JJ x

Yansy said...

That looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to do that as well. I love the end result.

Ghost Writer said...

Oooh, I've always wanted to do that!!! It looks great :D

Dania said...

this is awesome! and what's more awesome is that we share the same name!
bas ana min falasteen and i spell my name Dania! :)

Naimah said...

I found it :o !! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha .. So ok:
I love this post! Seriously, this is my favorite blog (sorry Sara, Sarah,Fati, and Samar), and this is my favorite post !! I read it like a thousand times haha .. Danya, my sweet old pal Danya, have I mentioned how much I love you lately? Can I write a post about that day but in a totally boring way unlike yours?? Pwwweeeeezzzz > mu cute haha
Keep up the ah may zing posts ;*

Kelsie Lynn said...

oh my gosh- this is incredible! nice work haha. i have always thought about doing this one day..
or like the one that they do in Across the Universe with the strawberries. very cool :)

can't say ive done any cool creations lately. im going to go draw some naked ladies now though,so maybe ill keep you updated!

Court said...

LOL! I think you should sell it for like $439,259,023,657.00 because dude, that's art! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing in my sight at the moment that's better than your blog and the funny looking paintings!
Hehe, I just love how you describe stuff! Glad you gals enjoyed urself!! :)

Danya A. said...

Kym - you really should! I don't remember much about the process, except that we were all laughing like loons on loony pills. And I know I'm right haha. They'd take a "painting" of a black square and tell everyone that this depicts our world today and it is truly a masterpiece.

Tiara - Cover the whole room in newspaper. The paint will get EVERYWHERE. EVVVERYWHERE. Even your underwear! (I really don't know how that happened..)

Tala, we love you too! Wish you were there!

Wuthering, it's quite pathetic isn't it? Haha. Thanks! That'll be $9879873.43 please. It does have an artist's tortured soul and pig-mating dreams poured into it.

Sara, I love you too. Even more now that you've turned off your BlackBerry for a week.

Samar, you know you don't hate us. You're just incredibely jealous. Because you're in London and we're stuck here and still having more fun than you are. I love you too.

Mayada, I miss you too! You shoulda been there! Maybe give us a lil demonstration of walking on water.

Lumberzack (I get a strange sense of motherly... feelings knowing I came up with that name) haha that reminds me of a Cyanide & Happiness cartoon. Remind me to show you. And I'd love a non-screamo CD, please.

JJ - you go trunk-clad, I'll stick with my leggings and oversized shirt. But we're on.

Yansy - do it! Carpe diem! And thank you!

Ghost Writer - it was /amazing/.

Dania - yeh haha most people spell it with an I! That's why I love how mine's spelled differently :P Thanks for stopping by (:

Naimah - LOL! Wow yeh butter me up, huh? Just joking of course you can bahaha, I don't OWN it!!! And I think you can write something even better. Little Mizz Enthusiasm. I love you too <3

Kelsie - bahaha really? Do update me please! And you really should go for it. I guarantee you a total blast. Just get some friends and you're all set.

Court - will that be in cash or credit? :P Hahaha thanks! Glad to see some TRUE ART *cough* APPRECIATERS!

Ahmed - nothing? Really? Wow. You must live in a dark, depressing place.
Hahaha thanks though. It was awesome!

Anonymous said...

i like how you spent time replying to all these comments, youve improved Danya, im very proud

Danya A. said...

Ah I'm afraid the love is not mutual, Anonymous, for I don't know who you are -_-
Tamara.. Samar..?
This sucks.

Olivia Rae said...

wow thats amazing!! i've always wanted to do a painting like that too... looks so fun!

Samar said...

LOOOOOOOOOL i was just gonna write something like what anonymous said :P
then read your comment lmao!
way to make me feel better Danya -__-

mina said...

this is such a cute idea.