Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hi Dad, Hi Mom!

I'm famous!

Well, okay, as close to famous as I can get.

Ri, The Music Savvy Mom, asked me for my shuffle! Ri has this nifty little (soon-to-be-huge) blog where she asks moms, procreators, or non-procreators (like yours truly) to set their iPods on shuffle then share the top 10 songs that come out.
When she asked me for mine, I was honored, and thrilled. Why not bless the world with a few selections of my enthralling taste in music? (Oh be quiet)

Y'all be sure to check her out and leave some comments. She's hilarious and insanely sweet.

Okay, reason #2 why I'm famous (who'da thought, ey? I have two reasons)

I got an award! From this lovely gal right here, Laila.

So, in the spirit of receiving this award, I'm supposed to list 10 things about myself. So here goes:

1. I have a terrible fear of crickets. That's why 'cricket' is one of my curse words. When something bad happens I yell, "Cricket!" You know what the problem is, with crickets? You just can't kill them. They always hop around like deranged lunatics whenever you attack them with a tissue box. So your only solution is bug spray. The problem is, I'm too scared to use that on them. I visualize a wheezing cricket, on the verge of dying, antennas wiggling – and I just know he's using those impossibly long antennas of his to communicate with his army of crickets, which will come harass me in order to avenge their lost brother. So I put the bug spray down and scream until someone rescues me. Except that never works, because usually a darling member of my family ends up squishing the cricket in a tissue and chasing me around the house with it.

2. You know that expression, "Your eyes were bigger than your stomach?" Yeh, that's never happened to me. I have quite the stomach, you see. I eat, a lot. If it weren't for my abnormal metabolism and my stick-thin father's genes swimming around in my body, I would never find a door that I'd fit through.

3. I'm very easily amused. Once I spent 30 minutes looking outside a window, chuckling at this newspaper that was being tossed around by the wind. That's why I laugh at the lamest jokes, including mine. When I'm bored I just have a little stand-up comedy skit in my head.

4. I am frighteningly lazy. I once watched two Spy Kids movies in a row because I was too lazy to extend my arm a few inches and reach out for the TV remote.

5. Building on #4, I suppose, I am, as the name of my blog so subtly suggests - a pathological procrastinator. The most repeated word in my vocabulary is probably: "Nyahhh... Later." This year, for example, I can count - on my hands, without having to take off my shoes and socks - the number of times I did my homework at home. I just copied it off people in the morning or during recess or crossed my fingers and hoped the teacher would forget about it.

6. I have a very strong aversion to physics. I hate that subject with a passion. A lot of things in physics don't make sense to me. And since my teacher never quenched my undying curiosity, I started hating the subject even more. Whenever I asked her a perfectly logical question, she took it as a personal offense - like I was challenging her authority or being blasphemous towards the holiness of Sir Newton the Fart. She's mastered the art of making students feel like the stupidest people on earth whenever they ask a question, while simultaneously managing not to answer their questions.

7. I like being nice to strangers. I smile at them if I notice them rudely staring, or I compliment them. I was once at this hair salon and I saw two sisters arguing – I assumed they were sisters, since they were bickering in that professional way only sisters can master. One of them was short and a bit chubby, the other one was tall, thin, and possibly beautiful if only she didn't look like someone had stuck dung underneath her nose and forced her to smell it. Dung Sister was getting married (she was wearing a white wedding dress), and she was giving her sister a hard time about something very mundane. Dung Sister stormed off and Poor Sister looked like she was about to cry. I piped up, "Sorry for asking, I'm just really curious – was that your sister?" The woman looked shocked, "Yes… How did you know?" I shrugged, "She looks like you… But you're prettier." And then I watched her face glow in a very pretty way indeed, and that still makes me feel good.

8. I have Futurephobia. Sometimes I get so worried thinking about things like majors and colleges that this dread fills me inside and the room feels very very warm until I calm myself down.

9. I still watch Barney. If I stumble upon it on TV, I'll watch it. And my 7-year-old sister will say, "Ewww Barney's for babies!" And I'll tell her wetting beds is also for babies. Then she'll shut up.

10. ……… I have a sticker book.

And in the spirit of receiving this award, I must pass it on to 5 bloggers. So the torch goes to...

Take care, folks.



Wuthering said...

crickets!?! I miss crickets. I'm by the city and there is no crickets on my street.

Megan said...

i. love. your. blog. this is the first time i have read it! you totally have my sense of humor. and don't worry about physics, it never comes in handy. i can't think of the last time i had to figure out the velocity of a telephone being thrown off a cliff.

JJ said...

I already knew all 10 things xD
I am awesome.
And so are you.

Love you <3

Yansy said...

You always make me laugh! I eat a lot as well and I'm super glad to have a fast metabolism.

Anonymous said...

I love you

Anonymous said...

I love her too

Feelmore said...

dude. yes. i could elaborate, but that pretty much sums up what i would say in a much more concise manner.

oh and p.s. that award is what made me find your blog so, word!

Ghost Writer said...

oOooOhh! That's what you meant by award!!

Thank you habibti!! You are too cool and I'm totally honoured!!!!

However I can't list 10 things about myself.. as I'm supposed to be anonymous!!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

FAME! You're gonna live forever!

I love Music Savvy Mom! Haven't heard most of your song choices, but I'm getting acquainted now.

AVeryMadExFriend said...

DANYYYYYYYYY! Ahhh :')! I'm so proud of you walla! You deserve it! AND MORE! I'd give you an award.. You'll just have to see me in person to get it........................

So yeah, you'll never get it.

Enough of that..

DANYA! Walla 5la9.. I'm going to stop commenting and sending you Facebook and text messages until I see you and give a very LOOOOOONG lecture on how I hate you right now and how you're not a very good friend! Pffffffffffff. Y3nii at leassst reply with a period or something, to let me know you're still alive and reading my messages.

I know this isn't the right place to say that but you live on the other side of the earth and ignore everything else.

Now, no messages.
No comments.

Danya A. said...

Fati -_- Don't threaten me! Here's what I've been doing:

1- Working working working on my chemistry course. I'm very very very behind. I have to catch up by August 15th or I won't get a certificate. I'm currently answering this question:
"Describe the contributions of John Dalton, J. J. Thomson, Ernst Rutherford, Robert Millikan, and James Chadwick to the development of atomic theory. Be sure to include details about their experimental work and their conclusions."

Fati, how can you not pity me?

2- Hanging out with my cousin. She's leaving in 2 days and I don't know when I'll see her again.

Fati, how can you not pity me?

3- Furniture shopping with a mom who won't let me turn my room into the fleamarket I see in my head.

Fati, how can you not pity me?

And I didn't read your Facebook message yet. Because I want to be in a good mood when I read it. Because I want to appreciate it. Because you took the time to send it to me. But when I do, I'll reply, not with a period, but with 3.

Despite the top notch excuses I just gave you - I'm still sorry. Because I love you <3

The Half Assed Housewife said...

I just left you an award on my blog!

Wuthering said...

That project sounds really cool. Good luck with that!

I've lifted the freeze. I'm public again.

Fatima said...

Kitabt comment mra 6weeeeeeel bs ma 6ila3 ;[..


1- M7d galk walla t2ajleenah ela a5r shay :P! I can't pity you. I do the same thing.

2- I never said don't hang out with her.

3- I pity you here. Mama tsowi nfs el shay :(

4- Y3nii tbeen tgoulen le ena you've been in a bad mood since August 10 4:49 AM?

5- Remember who you're dealing with. These excuses are nothing. I should now.. I do the same thing.

6- Still mad at you.

Have fun with your cousin and Allah ywafgk!

Music Guide said...

Yay I got a mention :D

Jumana said...

You know, this reminds me of when your mom won the tv LOL
Your mom "fel loud speakers": 3abdalaaaaaaaah feznaaaaaa tv!!!
You: I don't know her
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA one of the best days of my life lol
and congrads to you!
i loved the 10 things about you and i laughed so much hahahaha
i love youuuu <3

Naimah said...

Danya, OMG, I laughed SO HARD when I read "Sir Newton the Fart" like literally laughed out loud!
God I love your blog, it's so ... what's the word? AH-MAY-ZING!