Thursday, July 9, 2009

Small Note

For those of you sending me hate mail for turning off my phone.....
You know who you are.......... (Summer, JJ, Yasmine....)

For those of you still trying to reach me through my phone....


I kinda dropped it in the toilet.

Don't ask how.

R.I.P my widdle Sony Ericsson Z610i. Thank you for 3.5 amazing years. You will be missed.

P.S. Would it be completely pathetic if I bought the exact same phone?

My phone never ceases to amaze me. The things it's been through! Falling into the sink, falling off a tree I was climbing, dropped too many times to mention... thrown at the wall in moments of frustration.... then swallowed by the toilet....
My god. I can almost hear it singing "I'm a survivorrrrr."
Or perhaps it's weeping because its most recent attempt at commiting suicide for the nth time has failed, once again.
Sorry baby. You're stuck with me for a while.


Anonymous said...

:O noooo your cellphone!

I'm not the "Summer" and you just spelled my name wrong, right?

No it's not pathetic, but it's an excuse for you to buy a new BB :D join the squad.

Danya A. said...

No you're not Summer, Samar :P
WHOOOAAAT? :o you bought a BB?! Hypocrite! What about Seinfeld and and... us hating BB's?!
I've to admit I did consider it but... yeh. No. I'll morph into the people that annoy me the most :P

Danya A. said...

I just realized "join the squad" doesn't necessarily mean you bought a BB.

summer said...

typical dany **rolls eyes** BUY A NEW 1 !!!
like now ?
u never reply on fb n ur family never picks up the phone ...
our relationship is doomed until u get 1

Anonymous said...

Anyways, WTF is up with the BB fad these days!?
I swear most people here have ruined the BB and stripped it off what made it "awesome".

Anyways its NOT pathetic to get the exact same phone, so YALLA GO GET THE SAME ONE :D

JJ said...


Don't get a Black Berry. Even if this one malfunctions. You'll break it in two days. I know you, you know you - let's not lie to ourselves, shall we?

- JJ x
I'll call you now xD

Fatima said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Danyaaa! Laa Don't buy a blackberry! This phone screams Danya. T5ayali 3ndk jawal '3airah.. Ma y9la7.

Long live Sony Ericsson Z610i :D!

The Half-Assed Housewife said...

I lost my phone to a 32oz. cup of Diet Dr. Pepper. I don't know why I put my drink in the cell phone's cupholder. When I called for my replacement, they informed me water damage wasn't covered. I told them it was Dr. Pepper damage not water and they sent me a new one after laughing at me.

Anonymous said...

Hoozer Danya.
aaand I'm not against BBs, just against those hoozer BBers that stick out their bbs in your face while your talking.
"this blackberry has more buttons than on your face...." - Sienfeld.
I'll be a nice BBer inshallah :)
oh and,
3gbal its next survival!

Naimah said...

Funniest story ever lol !!!
you should buy the same phone. It's soo you! Remember when someone called u in class, TWICE!! haha
Funny days :')
I miss youuu <3

Anonymous said...

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