Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm sorry you missed it.

Didn't that cheer you right up though?

They should give those out in malls.

Please buy me one. Birthday's on January 21st. You can send it in the mail. A baby Zebra is fine too. I think they're called Zeblings.

21st century Wizard of Oz.

Is that not the cutest thing?
You just went "aww" didn't you?
Admit it.


"I just think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful."

Hope you're all enjoying your summer (:



Anonymous said...

The "You should meet my girlfriend ..." was pure awesomeness! :D
And hey thanks for postin em pics! Its a nice way to break our boring daily routines! :D

summer said...

oh my gosh =o they should TOTALY give those out in malls !!!!!!!
i HATE IT WHEN PPL STARE AT U FROM TOP 2 BOTTOM LIKE UR A as u say: squashed bug in their windsheild of life =p

i miss u =( come overrrrrrrr

JJ said...

I can always rely on you for a good laugh.

Wuthering said...

um, the how many people who hate michael jackson according to date!!! O M G haaaaaaa, fuuuuuunayyyy!

Anonymous said...

I'm calling you out on the "04:05:06:07:08:09" thing never happening ever again.

At 4:05 and 6 seconds on the 7th of August (we do it backwards here) 2109, the time, too, will read "04:05:06:07:08:09"



Danya A. said...

Goggles, shut up :P
And I was actually thinking about that the other day? But you're really stupid jumping to 2109, it'll happen in 2010 too! At 5:06 and 7 seconds on the 8th of.. September.
(I still don't get why Americans flip it around. It's very confusing. Especially since Aramco goes by that system too)
Besides 2109 isn't 09! It's... 109!

But I still love you.