Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Adventures of Mean Evil Girl

I have the nicest friends ever. I don't deserve them.


My friend Deema calls me and tells me to go out with her because she hasn't seen me in ages. And when I explain to her that I don't have a ride and that I have to work on my AP chemistry course, she goes on a rant:

"Danya! What the hell?! We haven't seen you since you've moved to that country of yours. Seriously, it's a country, not a city. You guys are so isolated it's like… Swine flu!"
"Ummm okay…"
"Hey do you know that Jenna and Dana got swine flu? They're in Switzerland."
"Oh wow, are you serious? Are they alright? It's not very bad, right?"
"Nah they just have to take pills and be isolated for a while and stuff."
"*snorts* Ahahaha"
"… I tell you that two people you know got swine flu, and you laugh? You're so mean."
"Nooo it's just… I just got that swine flu joke you made about where I live… It's so true."
"Ohhh… *snorts* ahahahaha."

So anyway. I promise her I'll wake up at 5:30 am the following day and catch a ride with my dad, since he is the only way out of Swine Flu Land. I tell her that he'll drop me off at her house on his way to work, and then I'll crash in her house.


2:30 pm

I wake up. Oops.

I send Deema a message:
"Ummm. This mean evil girl overslept and didn't wake up to go with her dad. She feels so bad and she's too scared to tell you, so I'm telling you for her. Please forgive her."

2 minutes later

"Are you kidding me? -_- Ya kalba! [Translation: You dog.] Tell the mean evil girl that this sad girl doesn't want to talk to her until she sees her face -_-"

… Fair enough.

9:30 pm

Mean Evil Girl realizes that she has an appointment the following day.

Correction: Two appointments, in a row. One at 7:30 am, the other at 8 am.

Mean Evil Girl's punishment for not waking up at 5:30 am on Monday:
She must wake up at 5:30 am on Tuesday.

*sigh* Karma. Gets you every time.

Mean Evil Girl realizes that this means she'll have to wait around in Aramco until 9 pm, when her father finishes work and the lecture he has to give. Mean Evil Girl is sitting on the horns of a dilemma, and things are getting quite painful. Mean Evil Girl crosses her fingers and sends Sad Girl a message, for Sad Girl is her only hope…...

"Hey Sad Girl. Mean Evil Girl is wondering: What are you doing tomorrow?"

4 minutes later
"What time… Evil Girl -_-?"

"8:30…. am?" *gulp*

"Well I have this lunch thing at 2 pm….. but I'm free afterwards?"

To which Danya - I mean, Mean Evil Girl, replies with an explanation of the little conundrum she is going through.

Sad Girl says that she will pick Mean Evil Girl up from the hospital at 8:30 am, have breakfast with her, then watch movies all day.

Mean Evil Girl is stunned. "But… what about your lunch plans?"

Sad Girl: "I just told them I can't make it."

Mean Evil Girl makes half-hearted attempts to convince Sad Girl to stick with her lunch plans, but Sad Girl insists. Mean Evil Girl yields to Sad Girl's demands….


Mean Evil Girl and Sad Girl have a blast.

They have breakfast at Pattis France.

They go back to Sad Girl's house and watch 17 Again (Lame. Very 13 Going on 30. And Zac Efron totally killed all Matthew Perry's attempts at saving the movie).

They go have lunch at Fuddrucker's.

They play in the kiddie arcade.

Then they go back to Sad Girl's house, talk about college, sleep, and talk about college.

Then Mean Evil Girl goes back to Swine Flu Land.

The End

P.S. On the swing carousel (or Chair-O-Planes?)

I discovered that I'm now afraid of heights.

P.P.S. Bonus! >> How do you wake up Lady GaGa in the morning?

Poke her face.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Evil Girl, why are you evil!? :(
I hope you wouldn't be evil with me if we ever meet again. Try to not be evil with sad girl again!
And sad girl is happy girl now :) ?

A worried friend

summer said...


u r SUCH a mean evil girrrl !!!
ur so nice i n every aspect EXCEPT hanging out w/ ur freinds . wat , ur duties end there ????

ur more of a lazy evil girl than anything

i love u anyway

Wuthering said...

swine flu land!(????) hmmmmmm I could take a guess. Give a girl a break and give me the punch line!

p.p.p.s hahaaaaa

Little Miss Tiara said...

wow, your friend is so very kind, but mine are like that too, so I guess it's everyone or we;re so very lucky? Maybe we're actually that kind too to our friends but we don't realize it? :)

maybe you're not that evil :D

Moondust(: said...

lmfao, wow! great aramco exploitations! see, you didn't need your fantastical cousin after all(: your lady gaga joke made me crack up! I can't wait to go shopping with you tonight! :D

--mrs. still a wee bit sick, but getting better.

JJ said...


- JJ x

Naimah said...

y3nee seriously this blog is so you! I can picture you in my head, especially the part where you sent Deema the message :p !!
Nice post, funny, haha.
oh and btw, the joke, u mean poke her face as in the song "poker face" right? If it's a yes then LAUGH MY ASS OFF!!!!! LOL!!!!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Good friends are priceless! You seem like you have some great ones :)

Toothfairynotes said...

hahahaha ... poke her face... :P lol

well, I would if I see her hihihi


Jumana said...

7aram deema! i know exactly how she feels -_-
who would miss the chance to fly to italy to see her best friend? -_- and for MUN in singapore! you've got to be kidding me :(

YOU HAVE TO GET ONLINE! "serious skyping when summer starts" well guess what danya,, your exams finished last month,, so yeah -_-

Danya, when you read this, you will get online, and you will wait for me to get online,, okay?

el moshkela eno i still love you!
ahh i'm such a great person LOL
i love youuuuuuu!!!! and I miss you soooooo much!

Danya A. said...

Ahmed, I don't know why I'm evil. I try not to be. I think it's because I'm lazy. And yes, Sad Girl is a very Happy Girl now.

Summer, be quiet. Only /I/ am allowed to call myself evil.

Wuthering, it really is Swine Flu Land. I'll give you a hint: It's in the Eastern Province.

Tiara, I don't know, something tells me we're a bit more lucky than everyone else. Surely if everyone had amazing friends such as mine, the world would be a much happier place.

Moondust! No, I didn't need you after all! :P I know haha the Lady GaGa joke is pure class.

JJ - if I had a dime for everytime someone said that to me.........
I'd have one whole dime.

Naimah, you mean this post about me being evil is the me-est I could get? HMMMMM I'm not quite sure I like that... :P ahahahaha I love you Nay Nay you always appreciate the lamest jokes. No wonder we're such good friends.

K, I have /amazing/ ones!

Toothfairy, you and me both. Let's aim for her eyes.

Jumana, COME ON. You KNOW I didn't plan that!!!!! Plus we're seeing each other in December hopefully! We could've seen each other sooner, if /you/ had come back to Saudi, but /you/ had to run off to stupid college. And I can't get on Skype! Majd doesn't let me use his laptop unless he's present.... and he's never present! And you're never online when I am! I think we should go back to Facebooking. But, who are we kidding... We're too lazy for that.
I wish I could argue with you, but you ARE a great person :P and that's why I love you and miss you like a fly misses poo.

Kelsie Lynn said...

you are so funny mean- evil girl!