Saturday, July 11, 2009

105 Things That Make Me Smile

Regina Spektor - Eet

105 Things That Make Me Smile
(Just to mention a few)

1. Smiles

2. Friends

3. When I'm in a movie and I find a piece of caramel popcorn in the middle of my butter popcorn

4. Sneezing when I really need to sneeze

5. Making someone else smile/laugh

6. Bubble wrap

7. Kiddie furniture catalogues

8. Flea markets

9. Reminiscing

8. Tree houses that people actually live in (I call them tree homes)

9. Old jeans

10. When someone remembers small details about me

11. Handmade gifts

12. Or just really meaningful ones

13. Comfortable silences

14. The smell of home cooked food

15. The sky

16. Old couples holding hands

17. Midnight phone calls that last for hours about the stupidest things

18. Sarcasm

19. Quotes (good ones)

20. Light

21. Tulips

22. Catching the perfect moment with my camera

23. Singing Barney songs or oldies that annoy people

24. Making a baby giggle

25. Realizing how much I love someone

26. Comments on the stupidest of my posts

27. Cheeky comments on Youtube

28. Receiving "just because" e-mails

29. Hearing a song I used to love when I was a kid on the radio

30. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer

31. Goggles (the word, the person, and the actual things)

32. Inside jokes that never die

33. Running through sprinklers

34. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about me

35. When a random person in the mall smiles at me

36. Cupcakes

37. Old Disney movies

38. Colored chalk

39. Sofana's dip

40. Lemony Snicket

41. Snow

42. Cheesecake

43. When something finally makes sense

44. Banksy

45. Open-minded people

46. When a baby wraps his hand around my finger

47. This:

When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too..." F*** off. What good is a goddamn cake you can't eat? What should I eat, someone else's cake instead?

~ George Carlin

48. The Simpsons

49. Family Guy

50. This:

One day, someone showed me a glass of water that was half full. And he said, "Is it half full or half empty?" So I drank the water. No more problem.

~ Alexander Jodorowsky

51. Learning something new

52. Walking to no where in particular

53. Campfires

54. Sleeping in

55. The smell of a new book

56. Sunlight

57. Baby shoes

58. Take-out

59. Kids that say the darndest things:

Dana, Fati's sister:
(Their housekeeper was making us chicken burgers, when suddenly Dana walked in and said...)
"Danya, your buns are toasted."

Jennah, my cousin:
(First day I met her)
"Danya, your feet are pretty."
"I'm wearing shoes…"
"I know. They're still pretty :)"
(whispers in my ear):
"Just so you know, I'm not intimate with your foot."

Zeina, my sister:
(On the phone talking to her friend)
"But biology is geometry and geometry is psychology, you see."

60. Fighting with my brother and sister about the stupidest things in the car just because we're bored witless and making my dad say:

"My next car will have two stories……"

61. Baby giraffes

62. Baby zebras

63. Baby monkeys

64. Baby elephants

65. Oh I'll go ahead and say it: Babies. When they're not crying

66. Lunchboxes

67. Ladybugs

68. Typewriters

69. Blowing bubbles

70. Creative advertisements

71. Drawing on walls

72. People who wear the weirdest clothes in public. Cheers, I secretly want to be like you

73. Photographs

74. Happy endings. I don't care if they're cheesy or impossible. I don't see a movie because I want to see an adaptation of real life; I see a movie because I want to get away from it. So bring on the sappy lameness, I really don't mind.

75. Old sitcoms I used to watch when I was a kid. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Saved by the Bell, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clueless....

76. Seinfeld

78. Scrubs

79. Being spoiled when I have stomach cramps

80. Being right

81. Remembering who a certain person looks like after racking my brain for ages

82. Dr. Suess

83. Dr. Pepper

84. Post-its

(a 100m wide photo)

86. Sour mangoes

87. Hand-written letters

88. Floating on my back in the swimming pool

89. Grilled sandwiches

90. The way a paper feels after it's been almost completely covered with writing from a ballpoint pen

91. Listening to my mom tell a bedtime story she made up on the spot

92. Not having to set an alarm

93. Going to bed with my sheets fresh from the laundry

94. Playing Slapjack with Alia

95. Photobooths (P.S. Fati you still didn't give me that Photobooth picture from Berlin)

96. Little kids with non-American accents

97. Chips (French fries) that are crunchy from the outside and soft on the inside

98. Adventures in Ikea

99. Vacuum lines in the carpet

100. Pretending to have a British accent

101. Writing things on foggy mirrors and watching them appear again the next time I take a bath

102. Large sweatshirts

103. These:

104. This:


When Love Story (Taylor Swift) meets Viva La Vida (Coldplay). Alone: two overrated songs. Combined: Something close to magical.

And I just love watching their faces. They look so happy it's kind of cute. Music at its rawest.

So that's it. 105 things that make me smile.

I now demand that you tell me (at least) 5 things that make you smile.




Anonymous said...

shut up. Viva La Vida is so not overrated.
5 things that make me smile:
1. Danya's blog
2. Her last post
3. The post with the the song I liked so much
4. Viva La Vida
5. Our trip to Berlin, and well, Danya. <3

Anonymous said...

Danya this is absolutely beautiful! It's AP Fatimah btw :p

JJ said...

1- You
2- Your blog
3- This post
4- D.T
5- You again
6- Your fetish for treehouses
7- That time we drew body hair all over Summer
8- Seeing you get excited over stationery [How did you forget that?!]
9- Your salad
10- You again


- JJ

Mom2Peach said...

I just stumbled on here this morning, and I have to say that my list of things that make me smile include:

1. Your blog
2. Seeing Coldplay live (I'm sorry, Viva la Vida is only overrated until you see it in concert, but I still loved the clip)
3. Walking down the shampoo aisle at Target, when all the shelves are freshly stocked and all the pretty bottles make a beautiful spectrum of color
4. Watching an episode of Mad Men where Jon Hamm does his best Don Draper and knocks a client on their butt with an awesome pitch
5. My little boy, especially during moments like this: words fail me

Thanks for making me smile this morning!

summer said...

that body hair thing rly wasnt funny J, u guys used effing permanent marker
ill get my revenge
dont u 2 worry

things that make me smile:

1/ clothes
2/ audrey hepburn
3/ killing a bug
4/ watchin u freak out over a cricket

& i h8 to say this after beingg reminded of the body hair insident but -

5/ dany

i <3 u

Fatima said...

Danya :').


jasmine said...

oh my goodness! those tree homes are amaaaazing. and i used to love my mom's madeup bedtime stories and songs too. they were the best. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Danya. Stumbled upon your blog and I must say im impressed!

Mine will be:

1) Being on the same wave length as someone
2) Listening to good music
3) Seeing kids play. Reminds me of younger days
4) Seeing 5 figures in my bank account
5) Like everyone here, your blog. It's hilarious keep it up =)


A "cheery" disposition said...

good list. babies giggling is a great one.

Danya A. said...

Samar, you know it is :P And I still miss you.

AP Fatimah! Thanks! I didn't know you had a blog! I shall go check it out now.

JJ, the next time we have a sleepover we should definitely do that again. This time we won't hold back on the moustache.

Mom2Peach, your son is absolutely adorable. And I can't believe I forgot the shampoo! I know what you mean! The smell, the colors... Marketing at its finest, they make it very difficult for me to make up my mind =(

Summer I love you too. And you already threw me into the pool. So now it's my turn to avenge.

FATI. I miss you too! And I simply love you more. Summer vacations are overrated, I need to see you!

Jasmine, my life goal is to live one! And I must admit I still beg my mom to make up more stories. Or I sneak into the room while she's telling my sister one.

Gavin, your number one is amazing. So is your number 5, hur hur :P Thanks for stopping by!

Cheery (lol I'm loving all this username stuff), I know! It feels awesome. Until you make them cry. Which always happens. There's fine, fine line between a giggle and a cry.

Sara said...

Aaahhh just AMAZING! ok..
1- coming back home and lying on my bed after a tiring day!

2- the feeling I have after finishing all the things I have to do and right after taking a shower.

3- Opening/installing new devices and gadgets that I buy ..!

4- listening to songs while cleaning my hard disk ! :D

5- reading funny/amazing posts on ur blog !!

I cant find enough words to describe it Danya.. I really cant :')!

Wuthering said...

Danya, I love your blog!! Don't mind that I will have to post many of your pictures and link it back to you. I really only have 3 readers, so, you will be getting minimal exposure, however, making me very happy to have a piece of brilliance!

The 5 things that make me smile are:

1) myself
2) my loved ones
3) unexpected acts of kindness
4) a good joke
5) brilliant procrastinators

Danya A. said...

Ah Sara I love your number one! Nothing like a good sleep to cure an awful day. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!! Man I miss seeing you guys everyday =(

Wuthering, the fact that you make yourself smile makes me smile. I make myself smile too. Either because of self-pity or because I amuse myself. In a very clean way. And thanks I feel very honored! About linking, well, half the pictures aren't mine, I was just too lazy to give credit - which I feel incredibely guilty about now. So I made myself a promise that I'll start taking note of all the new photos I find. Thanks for stopping by! =)

Naimah said...

1- Reading your blog
2- Talking to my sister
3- When my mom or dad tell me I'm proud of you
4- Listening to a song that I really love
5- Praying 9alat elfajir on time
6- Wathcing a good movie, not lame ones like bratz -_-

Any who, I liked number 59: kids that say the darnest things, and number 75: old sitcoms I used to watch when I was a kid. I do too.
Two things:
- How old is Jennah?
- Please explain number 85, I opened it but I didn’t get it lol.
Keep up the great posts
P.S this first song is so weird lol

Naimah said...

the first song is so weird ** haha

Tamara said...

aah i loved the last one, love story and viva la vida, i can't stop listening to it!!
my list:
1- your blog, you, and the fact that you're very funny
2- reading a new book
3- listening to Boyz II Men
4- Nawal Herzallah
5- Fati
6- Shakespeare quotes

Lujain said...

I love it!!:)
Things that make me smile:
1- Going around aramco with u:P
2- Listening to layan making no sense:P
3- Photography
4- Playing Soccer
5- Telling u all about what happened in Egypt...haha I know u hate it:P
6- Seeing old pictures of me and my friends
7- Playing Call of Duty 5
8- Reading ur blogs:)
9- Being in ur house
10- Calling ur house randomly
And many other things that I can't remember now:)

Danya A. said...

NAY NAY. Reading your blog makes me smile too because it's always amazing to see what an amazing writer you are. 3 is awesome too. Oh and Jennah is.... nine, I think? She's the cutest thing really :P I'll edit the post and add her age!
85, the link - this guy took pictures on the course of like.. 20 days, from the same spot? So he ended up getting a 100m wide photo with a bunch of random people. It's so funny looking at it; one guy was giving him the finger and this other girl was putting on deodrant.. ahahahahahaha. But most people look mfahyeen :P and you mean Eet? Most of Regina Spektor's songs are weird, she's really quirky, but that's what I like about her :P

Tamara, I know! Don't you just love recreations of otherwise ordinary songs? Check out Eric Wuest on Youtube... he has some pretty good violin covers. I'll send you links on Facebook. And Fati makes me smile too. I was going to dedicate an entire point to her, but then I'd have to dedicate points to other people too, like you, and Samar, and Sara, and Na3ima, and... truckloads of people :P So I think number two summed it up nicely.

LUJAIN! I miss you and Jumana like you can't imagine.... Grrr I want to go to Italy, now! And not even to see Italy, believe it or not :P Number one makes me almost want to cry, remembering those random days in King's ahaha and the fight with the Syrian people? That day we walked all the way home in the HUMIDDDD weather? Then your dad picked you up and you guys came to pick US up and your dad honked at us and we were scared cuz we thought you were 63os? Ahahaha. Mmmk I talk too much. The butter is: I miss you. And when you guys first moved I called your house EVERYday before remembering that.. well, you moved. To friggin Italy -_- =(
I miss your annoying never-ending phone calls.

TeeTee said...

love it, love it, love it!

great post!

Anonymous said...

As promised, here are 5 things that make me smile.

1-Knowing that my parents are happy with me

2-Feeding our neighborhood's cats(well mainly MY CAT) and just watching them eat! ^-^

3-This happened twice- I have a dream that I was making du3aa2 do hard my eyes were waterfalls of tears, but the sense of peace I had gave me the hugest mental dream-ish smile EVER!

4-Knowing that I helped someone with no personal gains what so ever

5-Reading your blog! ;) this one is for you! :P

Ri, the Music Savvy Mom said...

You crack me up!

AND make me smile.

Just like chocolate eclairs

Laundry fresh out of the dryer when I remembered to put in the good smelling sheet thingie.

Finding new music that makes me feel like a squeeing fangirl.

Pajama days when you're not sick.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie.

Come back and visit us soon, will ya? :)