Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lick it off the floor

Today I had the most enjoyable lunch of my life.
With my family, believe it or not.

Our housekeeper went back to Indonesia on Friday, so we're going to see if we can live without a maid (I don't like that word) for a month. It should be very.. very interesting.

So anyway, to avoid having to clean anything she shouldn't have to clean, my mom said that anyone who spills a drink or something has to lick it off the floor/table. And I for one -being the pathologically uncoordinated klutz that I am- am really worried.
I know she doesn't mean it literally, but cleaning worries me too. Germs either way.
I mean the soggy mops and sponges that have been used over and over again….. they make my stomach churn.

In any case. I dared my brother Majd to drink my leftover Pepsi that I'd mixed with my leftover vegetable soup. He slammed his hand on the table and basically told me to put my riyal where my mouth was. I know that the secret to haggling is starting with a really low price so I said,
"Fine. I'll give you….. *mentally goes through purse* 5 riyals."
Majd: "Make it a 10 and we have a deal."
Danya: "Deal."
I felt like a real hustler.

So he drank it. And it was so funny I laughed till I cried. He started out okay, drinking it really fast… Suddenly his face went green and he spit something out. "Carrot," he gasped. Then he drank the remaining Liquid from Hell and only spit out a tiny bit because he felt like he had to throw up. Then he ran to the bathroom and I could hear him, all the way from the dining room, while he made weird gagging then gurgling noises. Yep, he definitely deserves those 10 riyals.
And yes, I concur, I do need to grow up.

So then we split the post-lunch duties between us. My mom took the dishes, my brother took clearing the table, I took cleaning the table, and the floor, and my dad took….
The TV.
("No, dad… Please… you're overworking yourself, this can't be good for your health. We must switch tasks, I insist!")

And my sister Zeina complained about not getting any tasks.
Suck up.
Nah, she genuinely wanted a task.

So my evil genius of a brother decided to take advantage of that. He called her Agent Z One and told her to assist him in clearing the table (because it's such a daunting task, you know). So she started carrying the soup to the kitchen but she nearly dropped it after a few milliseconds, so Majd grabbed it and started walking, but he spilled loads on the floor.
"CRAP! NO! I don't want to lick it off the floor... I don't want to lick it off the floorrrr...."
He ran to the kitchen and got a cleaning towel sponge thing (I'm sure there's a fancy domestic name for it) and started violently scrubbing the floor. My dad saw him cleaning after the accident and followed him to the kitchen, where my mother was. Majd gave him pleading looks, but the mischievous look in my dad's eyes told me that Majd was already a goner.
"Majd?! You spilled soup on the floor?!" But my mom only laughed (damn shame).

So then it was my turn to wipe the table, but Zeina was being really annoying. "Let me help let me help let me help! Pleeeeeeeease. Pretty pretty pleeeeease with cherries and a Hannah Montana poster on top."
I had to get her off my back.
"Zeina... I mean, Agent Z1," I said. "I have a task of utmost significance. Can you handle it?"
She nodded eagerly.
"I need you to find.... my bunny-shaped night lamp." (Needless to say, I don't have one, but my sister is not the sharpest tool in the toolbox, so she ran off happily).

My brother was having the time of his life, watching Zeina being bossed around. He may laugh now, but when he was her age, my other brother Muayyad and I used to play the old Power of Fire trick on him whenever we were too lazy to get up and get something ourselves.
So for example, if we were watching Power Rangers, and we wanted some chips, we'd tell Majd to get us a bag of chips. He'd always decline at first, but then we'd say, in a bribe-y voice, "We'll give you The Power of Fiiiirrreee….."
"Okay okay!"
So then we'd basically point at a random spot on the floor and say:
"I hereby give you…….. THE POWER OF FIRE!"
Then he'd jump into it, receive The Power of Fire, then run as fast as he can to the kitchen, get us whatever we wanted, then come back.

Good times, good times.

Anyway, my sister came back with a frown on her face.
"I didn't find a bunny-shaped night lamp. Give me another task!"
"Oh… that's okay. But Zeina, I saw what you did back there."
"Don't play mind games with me."
"What did I do?"
"Zeina *stern glare*"
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." (looking guilty)
"Mmmmhm. Sorry for what?"
"I'm sorry I made fun of you."
"A-HA! You made fun of me. You're fired, agent Z1."
And so she stalked off, fuming.

God I amuse myself.


JJ said...

You amuse me too!
I wish I could have seen that.
The Power of Fire is brilliant xP
Majd is an idiot; I can't believe he drank it. He does anything for money, doesn't he?

Dude I want to live with him.
And you. Entertainment 24-7.

Anonymous said...

Haha, God! I'm like a boring !@# crocodile compared to you! Masha Allah, you do AMUSE!.
But with all seriousness, I DO WANT the power of FIRE! GIVE!

Anonymous said...

LOL..Btw, i wanna meet this "Majid" brother of yours =P. We're very similar, the only difference is I'd do what he's done for free!
When I graudated from high school, twice did my friends and I go to Steak house for lunch. They "dared" me to drink this..should I say drink from Hell's toilet.

It had the following ingredients:

1- 7-Up
2- Pepsi
3- Mirinda
4- Hot Sauces ( 2 different types )
5- Lettuce
6- Cucumber
7- Carrots
8- Tuna
9- Tomato
10- Fries
11- Chicken
12- Beef
13- Onion
14- Olives
15- BBQ Sauce
16- Ketchup ( LOTS of it )
17- Cheese
18- Chocolate
19- Black Pepper
20- Salt
21- Sugar
22- Tissue paper
23- Burning Match
24- MAYBE spit, you never know, there were 10 guys over there ..Ok just ignore this last part :P

I might be forgetting a thing or two up there!:P beacuse..well, we basically put everything on the table in the drink!

So aaaanyways, the mug was huge, was obviously I didn't drink the whole thing; I just took one biiiig sip!

Funny thing , I did the exact same thing the week after, and I froever regret doing so!

Naimah said...

Oh my God! Hahahahaha! Hilarious story. Poor agent Z haha.

Ghost Writer said...

Awwww, Zeina is soooo cute!!! Don't be so mean to her!!! Wish I had a little sister like her..she is adorable!!

Nya said...

NOOOOO don't grow up! This stuff is gold. Gold, I tell you.
Is there ever a dull moment in your household?

I miss you ;[


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA believe me.. you'll never survive a month!!!!!! maybe the first 2 days bs ba3dain you get too lazy!
majd is still drinking weird drinks for money? hahahahaha i miss that!!
remember laman 7a6ena ketchap in deema's miranda HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

i love your blog!!! hahahaa
btw why dont you ever get online? :@
i love youuuuu <3

,jumana "if you didnt guess! :P"

Anonymous said...


that was fun :)