Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear World

Dear left ear,
Seriously, when are you going to stop ringing?
The constant beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep in my head is getting rather annoying.
Now I know you're doing your best,
and you're getting better,
but would you mind getting better faster?

Dear new housekeeper,
You're weird.
Does your diet consist mainly of socks?
Because I can't seem to find any of mine since you got here.
Actually, I can't seem to find many of my things since you got here.
Pens, headphones, headbands, bracelets, rings, tank tops – what do you do with them?
I know I'm not the neatest person, but it still drives me crazy when I can't find my things.
I know my room can be a mess sometimes, but it's a neat mess, I always know where everything is.
Until you got here, that is.

(The sad thing is, I'm too scared to confront you. Have you seen the size of your muscles?)

Dear AP chemistry,
Thank you for inviting me over for dinner.
However, next time, it would be nice of you to let me know that I'm going to be served as the main course.

You are feeding on my soul.
Please stop.

Dear dad,
Thank you for being the most amazing dad ever. I love you.
P.S. I had to go pee after I saw this old photo of you.

Never let Auntie Raja'a fool you into blow-drying your hair again.
Not that you have much left of that…
:P You know I love you.

Dear world,
Why are you so fascinating?
And why can't I drop everything and visit every nook and corner of you right now?

Dear former incarnation of me,
I'm pretty sure you were African... or Chinese.
Because these photos made my day.

Dear metabolism,
Admit it, I'm being really nice to you, aren't I?
I'm not eating as much as I used to, aren't I?
I'm just showing you that I appreciate you.
So please keep making everything I eat disappear into that little Mary Poppins bag of yours. Don't give up on me any time soon.
(However,I would still like to gain those 3 kgs.
My collarbone looks all anorexic-like.)

Dear somebody,
(**readers, brace yourselves, this is an angry one...)
Your endless strive to be perfect and control everyone sickens me.
It is so satisfying for me to watch things not go your way.
The imperfections in your life make me giddy with glee.
And I am so, so, so happy to be one of them.

Dear bookstore in Bahrain,
I'm still waiting for you to call me and tell me my copy of Everything is Illuminated has arrived. You told me it's going to take 3-4 weeks.
It's been 3 days.
Shame on you…

Dear readers,
Hi :)
Leave me a small Dear (something)!
Take care!



Moondust(: said...

you make me laugh dear one. I loved it. And i love understanding them all. And I love he pictures.
Oh And I love you(: I am going to miss you.Colleggeeeeee

I am going to read your posts whenever you post them.

Fatimah said...

Danya! Nice blog. Borrow my copy of Everything is Illuminated. I just finished it like 2 weeks ago. Now it's just doing nothing. Plus, my copy's cover is black and white and extremely cool. Also, don't watch the movie after you read it, because the movie sucks.

Samar said...

omg Fatimah :|
dude this is seriously getting scary!
I was just gonna comment "and I'm waiting for my copy of Everything is Illuminated from Fatimah."
Anyway, don't give it to her until she gives my Noam Chomsky book back!

JJ said...

Dear Danya,
You made my day. I love you so much. You should still get your ear checked out.
I hate Somebody.
We should definitely travel to all those places.
You're awesome.
I love you.
But I said that already.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dany,

What more is there to say than what I have already told you?

Somebody doesn't deserve to have you in their life.


SKITTLES said...

My fav is dear WORLD!

awesome stuff, dude!

Wuthering said...

Skittles, I know!
Dear World = awwwwwwwwwwww

Yansy said...

Girl- You always make me laugh, I loved the background on the new housekeeper. Don't you just hate that, growing up I went through the same thing.


I love the momma giraffe eating baby giraffe's eye. :D Very brutal!

Feelmore said...

Dear Danya's collarbone:

Don't put up with her crap. She should just be grateful you keep her shoulders alligned or whatever it is that you do. What do you do, anyway?

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Dear pathological procrastinator,
I love your post. Especially the Dear World and Dear Metabolism.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! So cute.

Kelsie Lynn said...

that AP chemistry. you are hilarious.

I have read Everything is Illuminated and I thought it was very intersting! i kept highlighting really great things in it.

also. your dad? that is so. so. so funny.


Kelsie Lynn said...

that AP chemistry. you are hilarious.

I have read Everything is Illuminated and I thought it was very intersting! i kept highlighting really great things in it.

also. your dad? that is so. so. so funny.


Lams said...

Dear procrastinator,

I am somebody,
and I am sad to see,
that my imperfections make you giddy with glee,
because without them I would be free,
and would be happy like a perfect tree!