Friday, September 25, 2009

Danya + Kitchen

= not a good combo.

I nearly burnt down the house two days ago.

I was home alone and I was starving. I suddenly really wanted French fries. So I decided to make some.

Like I said, I was starving, and hence even more impatient. So I set the stove on high and waited for the oil to heat up.
And then…
The phone rang.
So I went to answer it and it was my dear friend JJ who, much to my dismay, tends to talk a lot. Not that I don't talk a lot. Just not on the phone. It's irksome.
Anyway. 5 minutes later I remembered the oil and I ran to the kitchen.

It was bubbling and smoking in the pan.
I freaked out and quickly grabbed the pan to take it off the stove…
And I accidentally spilled most of the oil on the stove.
And then…


There was this huuuuuuge colossal fire all of a sudden.
(I may be exaggerating just a wee bit but.. come on.. put yourselves in my house slippers..)
(It was pretty big though.)

Anyway. I gasped and stared at it in shock.

I cannot even begin to tell you what was going on in my head, but it was something along the lines of…
CRICKET. SHIT. I TOLD MY DAD A THOUSAND TIMES TO BUY AN EXTINGUISHER. I mean, THIS WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN. I KNEW IT. WHAT DO I DO?! Water?! No I won't be able to carry enough here so I'll just fuel the fire and make it worse! Sand?! No.. that's too far away and what will I carry it with?! Oh man I don't even know the fire department's number! Oh my god if this fire doesn't kill me my dad sure will he's practically married to this house I mean we just moved here.. I wonder if maybe I get a few third-degree burns he'll feel too sorry for me and won't kill me…

I think at that point I began to realize that the fire was getting smaller and smaller until eventually it died out.
I sat on the floor and shivered for maybe 10 minutes.

I'm a survivor.

But anyway my cousin and I made steaks for lunch today and I successfully managed both not to burn the house down and keep all my fingers.


Although I did have a little accident while peeling the potatoes but what's a little skin on my thumb…

My cousin enjoyed teasing me with the knife and laughing at me cringing away from it.

She thinks my fear of knives is illogical.


Excuse me?


Let's see here.

Is it sharp?

Is it lethal?

Has it been used to kill people?

(Just ask this dude)

I mean if someone were to point a gun at you, wouldn't you freak out? Why not a knife, then?
Clearly my fear is perfectly excusable.

As one last loving note, I must demand that you watch this video.

Now I won't torture you for long. Just watch it until about 0:35 when Miley starts to "sing." What made me laugh till I nearly died though was this comment someone left on the video:
"i love how patronisingly rihanna looks at miley."
God I love YouTube comments.
Sure they make you lose faith in humanity sometimes, but they are so amusing.

(p.s. Miley gets even worse around 1:30)

Okay that's it.
Thanks for reading and take care =)

Oh p.s. seriously, are you scared of knives, too?



JJ said...

=[ I nearly killed you.
Im never calling you again.
Not for another 3 WHOLE DAYS !!!

LOL @ Rihanna !!!!!!!!!!!

No Im not scared of knives you pansy ..

Love you x

Mad Art said...

Welcome to the "Destroying the house" club , what a nice , new member ;p


Kelsie Lynn said...

danya. i just love you. you are hilarious!

cant say im a scaredy cat of knives unless someone holds it in an attacking way. spose i do actually get a little paranoid when people are holding big knives in the kitchen. ive had too many fall on my toes.

Kym said...

*mmmmm* french fries. hahaha! but for realz though, crazy story!!!! so glad you're okay though and your house is still in tact!! =S

a moment i treasure said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!! you always make me laugh! i hate talking on the phone too! ;)

Anonymous said...

you're not cooking around me. We'll go get chips from the corner shop instead.

I'm only scared of knives if it's in your hand for fear it may suddenly jump out of it, do backflips and fling itself in any general direction.

8-) % (:

Anonymous said...

How lovely and mouth watering (I am fasting).

You and I are not so different my friend!! It's just that, instead of "kitchen" make that "Chemistry Lab".

Don't get me wrong I LOVE chemistry and happen to be a chemistry Whiz.(Alhamodlillah) :P hehe...okay ego caaalm down! Jk jk.

Anyways, I almost set my whole apparatus on fire TWICE when i was taking CHEM 101. On the very 1st day, there was a gas leak with by Bunsen burner, so yeaaah...the hose thingy carrying the gas caught fire :D !!

A 2nd time, I was boiling some volatile liquid which produced flammable fumes...Yeah, you could guess what happened! :D
I'm just glad the professor gladly UNDERSTOOD that NON of these accidents were MY fault :D!! Woopdy Doo!

But yeah with all due fairness, I am known to play around with chemicals and whatnot when I'm bored in the chemistry lab ! :D

Feelmore said...

Dude, I never cut myself on a knife ever. Paper, glass,staples, and pins, yes. So logically, they are more dangerous than knives.

Kelsie said...

btw. i love that song that they song. i never. like evr. listen to pop stuff like that haha. but i totally enjoy that song.

and miley. bah..

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