Saturday, October 3, 2009

When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire

The title is from the beginning of this song which I happen to like.

Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead

(2:58 is my favorite part)

As for my main purpose of this post..

Memories were fine, but you couldn’t touch them, smell them, or hold them. They were never exactly as the moment had been, and they faded with time.

~ Cecilia Ahern
P.S. I Love You

I know that quote clashes horribly with the first quote in my last post, but it kind of reflects how I feel at the moment.

I feel nostalgic, and I want to be a kid again.
I'm worried about forgetting things, so I made a vow to take more pictures, more videos, and write down more memories.

Here are a few, though, that I don't believe I'll ever forget:

1- When I was about 10 years old, my family and I were in Lucerne, Switzerland.
We were at the lake feeding the birds one day, and pretty soon we were down to our last piece of bread, so my older brother Muayyad and I started fighting over it.
He snatched it away from me, crumbled it up, then threw the crumbs at me.
All the swans and ducks literally CHARGED out of the water, and the pigeons attacked me.
They started pecking and nibbling at me like crazy.
I was screaming my head off.
My family was laughing.
A group of people formed a circle around me and watched the free entertainment.
A random Japanese guy pulled out a camera only slightly bigger than his body, took a picture, then walked on.
And after the debacle was over, I noticed that some gracious pigeon left me a smelly gift on my shoulder.
I cried all the way home.

2- When I was 4 years old, that same brother thought it would be a good idea to practice his barber skills on me. He took me to my parents' bathroom and locked the door. He then proceeded to whip out my dad's razor… and shave my head.
Unfortunately my parents didn't take any photos of the bald me.
I wonder why.

3- About a year ago, four of my friends were sleeping over. We got the midnight munchies so we decided to order Domino's Pizza.
We wanted an order of Chicken Kickers.
Except we couldn't remember what they were called. This is how the conversation went.

"So we want… 1 vegetable pizza. 1 cheese pizza. And one Popcorn Chicken please."
"Ummm we don't have those…"
*another girl grabs the phone*
"What do you mean you don't have those? Pop Chicken!"
"Sorry ma'am… We don't have that on our menu."
*another girl grabs the phone*
"She meant Chicken Pop!"
"No ma'am.. I'm pretty sure we don't have that either."
*I get excited because I'm certain I remember what they're called and I grab the phone*
*surge of euphoria*
".................. (silence)"
"… Oh. Guess not…"

4- Then we walked all the way to the main gate of the compound I used to live in, to pick up our order.
We had to pass by the main street.
We got the weirdest looks ever.
Maybe because we all looked a bit like this.

(my sweet sister and I)

We actually put on our pyjama's specifically to walk to the gate dressed like that.

Good times, good times.

That's enough memories for now.
Tell me about one memory you'll never ever forget!



JJ said...

You look so TALL and lanky in that picture! Which is weird because we both know you are a dwarf. Compared to me, anyway.
I already heard the Switzerland story a million times. But you got him back good with all the vomiting you've done. You should write about that =P
I wish I could have seen the bald you !!!
A memory I will never forget .. Last week ! When we snuck into Hill's Park after they closed the gate and played on the swings and watched the stars ! Best night ever =D

summer said...

LOL i remember the duck storyyyy i was with uuuu remember ?! our family was traveling with urs !
i also remember the bald u .. its rlly weird that u cant find any pictures .. lolz i'll look thru our photos maybe i'll find sumthing =p but i think this was during ur sunflower hat phase .. the 1 u wouldnt stop wearing with the matching dress =p
a memory i wont forget ... hmm !!! buying a brand new gucci bag 4 less than 200 riyals ..
im still very proud of myself !

i love u x

Anonymous said...

Heey, pigeon poopoo is good luck! hahe OR NOT!


And holy fudge, what did you put on your face on the way to the pizza dude OH Danya :S ?

ohDear!! said...

hehe I loved the "chicken balls" :D..
You reminded me of this; I was in Baskin Robins' with my sister, we were waiting for our turn and I was really into what I was saying to sis, so the guy asked me what I'd like? I just pointed to parlines n cream my fav, and continued talking, REALLY INTO what I was saying! So he interrupted me again and he said, what would you like ma'am? (as in, how much)
I said, I like 2 balls and nuts.

I turned to sis, then we burst out in laughted!! :p

Bss :p

Feelmore said...

I Love the first story! And oh my goodness gosh are you not the cutest things ever in pajamas! That's the best pic ever.

I've suddenly got amnesia and can't recall a single memory. whatsoever. not even from earlier today.

Ummm.... I ate a chicken casadia.



I'll be back.

Fatima said...

Yalla bs 3shanek, a memory:

A few weeks ago I went out in our garden to do some exercise just as the sun was rising. After jogging I started playing outside by myself. It was wonderful! I fell in love with the outdoors all over again. I started twirling and dancing a very stupid dance and singing. I think I made up my own lyrics but it was still fun. I had promised someone to do something so I had to go back in. I felt like a five year old whose mother is telling them that it's getting dark and I should stop playing. That day was one of the best days ever! I'm glad my inner child is still there.

Ahh.. I never want to grow up :(