Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A break

from blogging. I'm taking one :(
It's my last year before uni, and things are insane. I keep saying I declare myself superhuman if I survive the next couple of months. Some things I have to do:

1- Finish off (okay, note to self, stop lying to Self - START) my college list and apply and write the application essays.

2- Work on my Model United Nations issues. I'm going to Singapore in November for an MUN conference. It's kind of like a simulation of the real United Nations. We discuss issues the world is facing, and we write resolutions just like the UN and debate them and stuff. I'm representing the Czech Republic in the Economic and Financial committee. These are the issues I have to research and write resolutions on:
- The right to education: finding solutions to guarantee and finance education in LEDC's.
- Providing adequate financial resources to developing countries dealing with external debt.
- Encouraging macroeconomic policies conducive to environment and development.
- Eradicating poverty through industrial cooperation.
........ I can regurgitate time and I still won't have enough of it.

3- Study for (and take) three SAT subject tests - math, physics, and chemistry.

4- Fill out my CV and chase after teachers for recommendation letters.

5- Work on all the school projects I've got coming up. For my global issues class (loads of mini-projects and one major one), physics (one major one), chemistry (one major one), English (loads of mini-projects and one major one), Arabic (loads), and math (not sure yet).

6- Work on my graduating project. As usual, I've chosen something way beyond my capabilities. I've chosen microcredit. The research itself won't be too bad, but the community service part of it will be. I have to find a person looking to set up a really small business and raise enough money to help them. Then I have to find a mentor who will help my borrower manage his/her money and set up his/her business. I might switch to something else if I can think of something I'm passionate about and simpler (but I kind of really want to do this).

Ummm there's more but I think I've scared you enough already.
So yes, there you have it. My excuse for not blogging.
I'm guessing I'll be back around December/January. I'll try to post stuff occasionally, but if you notice that I've started blogging way too often, please leave me a comment saying,

"You are wasting your life away, you incompetent idiot; you have a future to worry about."

Seriously, copy/paste just that.

But yes.
I'm really going to miss this blog and all the amazing people I've met.
I mean, holy cricket, 50+ followers?!
When I started this blog I was really just expecting 5, tops.
Meaning a few of my friends and my aunt and uncle.
It means a lot to me that you find anything here worth following. Seriously. And your comments always brighten up my day. I'm going to miss them. A whole lot.

But yeh. I need to stay strong, right?!
Wish me luck, okay?

I like you all, very very very very very very much.
(We're not ready for the big L-word yet, and all the commitments it will bring. So it will have to wait. Like a neon pink elephant in the room waiting for its existence to be acknowledged.)

Take care!
I'll be back.
Jus' like Terminator.



Anonymous said...

Take that needed break!

Secretia (Secret Story Time)

JJ said...

Dude. Your blog is .. like, the most reliable way to keep in touch with you.
And it makes me laugh. And it amuses me.
I have a feeling Im not going to see you at all until Feb. =(
Danyaaaaaa =(
Whyyyyyyyy =(
I MISS YOU. Why are you turning into a nerd NOW ? You always dont do your work on time =(

*sigh* No Ill be a good friend. Get your work done. Good luck. I know youll do great ! Just go on msn and keep your phone around you. I mean it.

- JJ x

Kelsie Lynn said...

no? please?
i thought all women could multi-task?
even if they are wonderful and awsome and do things related to the United Nations?

Kelsie Lynn said...

aghhh fine.
i will have to accept this, though it makes me really sad.
but at least some of us have or head screwed on and can figure out when we need to stop. and get real work done.

ok fine, you win.

and ill miss you. really i will!
december isnt to far away right?...nahh

ima sendin you lots of love and good vibes for all the tricky things you gotta do sooN!! you're the best

love kels

Kym said...

take it easy girl! you got this! ;P

Wuthering said...

microcredit Muhammad Yunez in DA HOUSE!

ok I'll go back and finish the rest :)

Wuthering said...

I think I understand what you want and I promise I will always do my best to support you and all that you do.

"You are wasting your life away, you incompetent idiot; you have a future to worry about."

haha :) see ya soon and good luck!


*sigh* Deeeee Bear!
Emails are still in your realm of capabilities, you had better not forget that! I'm moving in tomorrow, and I wont get to talk to you, nor will I get to use my beloved interwebs until we conjure up the needed amount of money to pay for the interwebs. Mayunnn, why does life have to flip itself around and become so strange and complicated?
Well. Good luck to you, bud!

MuSe Sphere said...

i love reading your blog, but i think your future is much more important than any of us here. go ahead and do it. study hard and work harder and Good Luck :)

Feelmore said...

Clearly not ready for the L word, you commitment-phobe. Just kidding. Will miss you. Go waste your life being successful.

Samar said...

How ironic, just when I decided to come back to blogging and reading blogs again. LOSER DANYA! you can do both. And oh em gee you're taking SAT physics? ah, good luck with that ma mate. I'll read your old posts while you're on break.
Read the comments.

Ghost Writer said...

Yalla habibti, come back!!! I think a week long break is more than enough..

Moondust(: said...

you severed communications to each other until DECEMBER/JANUARY!?
you suck.
but i understand. I need to take the ACT buuut, I think I might until Spring.
): I freaking miss you. how about you email once in your life?
good luck with school, i know i need it 0.o
--you're pouty cousin

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

A Nightmare To Remember
A Rite Of Passage
Hollow Years
The Dance Of Eternity
Solitary Shell
In The Name Of God
Encore: The Count of Tuscany

Wasn't as good as last time =( but still fricken amazing

It was just missing you =/ though this whole holiday is already doing that. We'll see them together. It's not a promise. We WILL see them. and do everything.

This holiday is so much fun and i'm having a great time! Brisbane is a great city far better than Sydney. But then, any city's better than Sydney :P

I'm having lots and lots of fun ... I just miss talking to you =/ A holiday will never be complete without telling you I wish you were here.


Kelsie Lynn said...

HEY the semester is over.
how did everything go?
You should start blogging agaaaain!!
:) merry christmas

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oi. you. ide like to blog again.


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