Tuesday, October 6, 2009

happy birthday brother!

Annuals - Brother

well it's 3 am, but i wanted to wish my brother a happy birthday.
it's october 6th, and he just turned 15, the little rascal.
i stumbled upon my favorite picture of us the other day.

i was in preschool at the time, and he hadn't started school yet.
but he used to always wake up whenever i did, to keep me company as i waited for my teacher to come pick me up.

he looks so tiny and adorable in that photo.

kind of like now, minus the adorable.
he's still a midget.
it's funny cos his name is Majd.
mix the two words and there you have it - mijet.
so that's what i call him all the time.

come on. it'd take a saint not to take advantage of that.

he's as annoying as a fly hovering around that last piece of chocolate cake you've been craving all day.
he literally goes out of his way just to piss people off.

just a few hours ago i was filling out a college application and he was playing some stupid game on facebook. he paused midway through the game, looked at me, then logged out of facebook and sat down next to me.

"watcha doin'?" he asked.
"ignoring you."
"funny girl. ahh college applications. i see! well, good luck finding a uni that'll accept you.. besides UGM of course."
"... UGM? what the poop?"
"University of Garbage Men, duh."


but anyway. even though we've had plenty of fights that would put hulk hogan to shame, he is still a wonderful brother. this house would be incredibly boring without him.

i remember once, i asked him to move some wires that were all tangled up on the floor, and he just sat there on the sofa, moving his head from side to side.
"majd... what are you doing?"
"... i'm trying to move the wires with my brain and you're disturbing my focus."

the funny thing is, he was quite serious.

i love him so.

(my second favorite picture. i look constipated, he looks like an elf)

happy birthday, brother =)



Moondust(: said...

it's weird how it works like that
how you can despise someone yet you just know it would be so fucking weird without them in your life.

go read the comment i posted after yours on my blob.

JJ said...

We're stopping by today with a burfday cake =] Dont tell him !! My dads making it =P
p.s. I know most kids are cute, but I also know most kids grow out of it. You just got cuter =[

- JJ x

Fatima said...

el 9ra7a tw83t el post y9eer meaner :P. El mohem :D gouli lah Fa6ma tgoul happy birthday!

P.S. Comments bnt 5alk/5altk dayman cute :P bzyada t7bk :P

Kelsie Lynn said...

dontcha love siblibs. i miss mine big time! they are growing up without me there. next time i see em my little 10yr old sis will be so grown up i bet.

PS. you should post some pics of YOU! I hardly know who YOU is! :)

Feelmore said...

Soooo cute! God bless younger siblings.

Wuthering said...

awwww Danya you're a sweetie!