Friday, June 19, 2009

A Phenomenon

Here's a fashion trend I'll never understand.

I'll let the pictures scream for themselves:

On another crickety note - Physics final tomorrow.

I really hope that this...

... does not happen.

I've seriously never studied this much before. I didn't even procrastinate! Okay, I did fall asleep (a lot) but I practically studied for 2 days straight. Alright alright, that is a slight exaggeration, but seriously, I studied, and that's a step further than what I usually do.

If I don't get a 40/40 tomorrow, in the words of the amazing Russell Peters:

Somebody gonna get hurt reeeeal bad.

Well, yeh........

Me, most likely.

Good luck ladies.



JJ said...

You're right.
That has got to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

We are fascinating creatures, aren't we? (I AM a female, according to Facebook).

You're going to rock. I called your house and your mom told me you were /studying/!

It was a shock.

- JJ x

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey heyyyyyyyyyyy
7ddk 3ala lady gaga shes my idol <3
u rnt fashionable enough 2 understand this statement =p

i luv u dani bani
ur goin 2 get 50/40 cuz ur that cool

summer ;*

Anonymous said...

It just drives me sad and irritated to see what the world has got to. I swear these kind of people are the lowest of class of people and yet you see them having such major influence on the world and the young. Scary really!
Yalla pull your 7eel in the exam!...:D

Shadow said...

you know what they say:
"the uglier the better"

Deema said...

Yup, the graph is just as though is was designed for us.
Peachy, just peachy :)

Shadow said...

i went on a site that i think you would like
and cause i dont wanna spam ur blog ur gonna have to ask me about it at school :)

and no this is not some weird plot to see if you actually read ur comments

Anonymous said...

Love the graph! I've taken courses like that.

Moodiez said...

haha.. i like the pic..
ya rab tjeebeen 45 mn 40!