Monday, June 8, 2009

Dragons and Hot Sauce

The rough draft for our final economics project is due tomorrow. It's 10:29 pm and I haven't started it yet. NOT BECAUSE I NEGLECTED IT (Okay, I did, but..) I totally forgot about it. I signed into MSN to tell my friend Fatima all about this Omegle chat I had with a weirdo Lebanese guy, when she said something that caused something very cold to trickle down my spine.... (Fear, I think):
"Dany, did you start your economics project?"

So I'm going to start it now. Cricket :)

I'll leave you with my favorite quote of the day - A statement made by my friend Nawal. I was fully convinced that I was the weirdest person I knew until I met her.

Nawal: "Oh my god the driver got me shawarma from that disgusting plaaaace.... I.. *takes a bite* Oh, no, wait, it actually tastes good. 'Cause like, last time I ate from it, it was SO weird, there was like ketchup and HOT SAUCE and weird stuff all over it.. It was so disgusting I felt like a dragon!"
Danya: "...... Since when do dragons eat hot sauce?"
Nawal: "Noooo, like.... They don't eat hot sauce, they BURP hot sauce."

I love you Nawal. I truly do.

Oh and I couldn't resist posting this:

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.
~ Michael Althsuler

'Sif it's that simple.
Be good, do well, take care!



Samar said...
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Samar said...


No, seriously, your funniest post so far AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh, and don't worry about economics. I just started working 11:00 pm :)
Good luck to both of us **shooting oneself**

oh btw this stupid blogger. I posted the comment and then realized I had a type so I deleted it and then ma ra7 bas 6ala3 "This post has been removed by the author."
yghar. Makes it sound like I wrote something perverted and then changed my mind about posting it -_-

Samar said...


how very not ironic.

JJ said...

You have weird friends.
It's nice to see you've met your soulmate!
You're definitely weirder though :)

- JJ x