Friday, June 26, 2009

Demon of Procrastination Rears its Ugly Head Again

This is what happens whenever I try to study math:

Weird.. angel things. Dream Theater lyrics. Dream Theater logo. An eye. My name (twice). Pink Floyd lyrics. An apple. A globe. Piano keys. Some math. And an elephant shaped like a tennis ball, holding a tennis racket. With his trunk.

I wonder what my mom would say if she saw this paper. She tends to analyze whatever I doodle.

For example, I used to draw butterflies a lot. And whenever she saw them she'd to say,
"This means you're longing to be free. Free of what, Danya? Tell me."

Then when I switched to flowers she'd say,
"Ah, so. You have bloomed. Does this mean you're free of whatever was bothering you? I'm glad."
And she leaves the room with a satisfied smile on her face.

As for eyes, I've been drawing them since 4th grade. Apparently they mean:
"Danya, you're feeling like you're constantly being watched. By whom, Danya? Tell me."

She also comments on how I write my name a lot. It means I am a narcissist. I am awed by the fact that she can so artfully balance between calling me a narcissist on some days, then telling me I need to feel more confident on others.

My mother is a weirdo. Like mother, like daughter, I suppose.

I wonder what she'd say if she saw that elephant tennis ball.

List of possible scenarios:

"You have a secret need to whack an elephant with a tennis racket."

"Wow.... This is... This is... deep, man. Real deep."

"Honey, have you been taking something? Are you riding the white pony?"

"This is...... This means..... You............ You're feeling.... This is beyond my area of expertise.... I'm calling a psychiatrist."

Math final tomorrow. Gulp.



JJ said...

LOL! I love your mom! <3
She really is weird, but you're weirder.
You're weirdest.

I would really love a sneak peek into how your brain functions, some day.

I bet this is how Edward feels with Bella.

Anonymous said...


so thaaat's what you've been doing all weekend. Nice to know.

7aram 3aleek! I love your mom! Go remove that and tell her you're sorry! Now!

Super hilarious though hahahaha

Moodiez said...


Fati said...

Danya.. The tall trunk of the elephant indicates that you feel like you're not being true with yourself, like pinocchio. The roundness of the elephant's body shows that you are not comfortable in your own body. You think you should have an elephant's body, and I think so too. The tennis racket that you are holding shows you have a lot of anger inside of you. You are always tense and I ask God to help the people that anger you because you will have your revenge. The sad eyes show how you really feel about yourself. You are not happy with who you are. But the elephant feet do show you're starting to love yourself again.


Ghost Writer said...

Your mom sounds like a wise woman... I think the elephant represents your tendency to hold on to your memories - good and bad. So what are you thinking about, Danya? Tell me!! ;)

summer said...

she needs 2 stop doin that =p
i remember wen she tried analyzing the way i walk !!!!!
i dont no wats more annoying ... the things she said that were wrong or the things she said that were rite

nehoo i miss u boo :(

Anonymous said...

LMAO danya ur blog is awesome
but u know what would be more awesoem?
you coming to switz land
3 2 1 go


Nee said...

LOL DANYA. I second the first comment. You have the most amazing braain, ever.
You're smart, you're funny, you're sweet, you can DRAW (I can't draw for piss shit)
I miss you :[


Anonymous said...

i'm reading this on our way 2 get u
i'm gonna make u draw me ok ?
i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu



Anonymous said...

LOL! You're so cute x]

Anonymous said...

Hahahahah!. Like we say in algeria, "danya,aaah ntiyya wa7dek !"