Monday, May 18, 2009


I've a stomachache. I think I have food poisoning. 3 weeks of Burger King and McDonald's for lunch can do that to a person....

Anyway. Here is something that I wrote a couple of months ago - An excerpt from a future novel (possibly?)

She approaches me, and I see it in her eyes. I see it etched into the creases in her forehead and in the faint lines around her eyes. I sense its charge in the room. Perhaps I can even smell its formidable odor in the air..

Her malice. It’s all-consuming.
I won’t be getting off easy tonight.

She grabs a fistful of my hair and throws me to the ground. I land on my back, winded. She lifts her foot and stomps at me, kicks me. I cower beneath her, folding my arms over my head and curling my body into a protective ball.
I can’t see her, and I wonder for a second whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I try to take a look from behind my forearms, but she kicks me again, and I howl in pain. I feel myself unfurl as I writher around the floor. I’m not quite sure what’s going on, what to expect – what she expects.

Nothing seems real. Everything ceases to exist. Everything, except for the continuous blows and relentless pain: in my stomach, in my right side, in my shoulder, in my heart.

She yanks my hair again and pulls hard, forcing me to stand up. I bite my lower lip to keep myself from screaming. She pulls at my necklace with her free hand, and the chain cuts into the back of my neck. Something trickles down my back, and I can’t, for the life of me, determine whether it’s blood, or simply fear. She finally pulls hard enough for the chain to give way: it breaks, and the beads fall to the floor and scatter, one by one.

She suddenly lets go of my hair and I look at her face, scrunched up in anger, her features almost distorted. Her breathing is heavy, and she is simply standing there, inches away from me. I look around wildly, desperate for an escape.
I want to get out of here.

I want to slam the door behind me and run until I am several streets away from what is supposed to be my "home." I want to keep on running until the only thing I'd hear would be the pounding of my heart in my chest and my feet on the pavement, instead of the echoes of a thousand questions running through my head.

Why is she doing this?

Why is the woman who is supposed to protect me from everything – from monsters and ghosts, from strangers, from bad news and bad people... from a broken heart.. why is she giving me everything to fear?

What did I do to make my own mother hate the sight of me?

I’m suddenly struck with a feeling of emptiness. I imagine a black, endless whirlpool inside me. I feel it sucking all the hope left in me and trapping it in its center.

A question interrupts my thoughts, like a bubble breaking into the surface of peculiarly calm water.

Why am I fighting this?
What am I fighting for?
Maybe I should just let it be…

My mother takes a step towards me, and I snap out of my reverie. She smells the same as I’ve always remembered; of apples, and what I've always imagined the inside of a cloud would smell like – something sweet and indistinctive.
How can a smell so familiar bring fear... when it once brought unconditional comfort?

I take a step back instinctively, realizing too late the mistake I’ve made..
“Do you honestly think you can run away from me?” she sneers.
She raises her hand and I crouch down, my arms raised over my head.
My mother lets out a scream of fury.
“Keep.. your hands.. down,” she says through gritted teeth.
I pull them down slowly and realize that I am trembling all over. I back up into a corner, whimpering. My mother swipes at me, and I immediately fold my arms over my head again. Outraged, she bends down and yanks my arms away; then grabs my hair. She pulls it so hard, and I find myself wondering whether a scalp can possibly be ripped off someone’s head. I scratch and pull desperately at her arms but realize I am only making it worse.

My mother shakes me violently, pulling me by my hair from side to side, kicking me relentlessly in between.
I feel like a rag doll being beaten into pulp.
Worthless pulp.
Sometimes I wonder if that’s all I am.

She stops and releases my hair. I look around me, dazed.
Is it over?

Dark and fuzzy on the floor things catch my eye. With sickened horror, I realize that they are clumps of my hair.
“How can you call yourself a mother?” I ask, intending to scream, but my voice is merely a hoarse whisper.

Tears streak my cheeks, hot and scalding. A painful lump rises in my throat, and I swallow intensely, desperate to rid myself of any additional source of pain. I feel sore all over, almost to the point of numbness.

My mother stands up, a cold smile playing on her lips. She walks towards my musical keyboard and unplugs the voltage converter. She walks slowly back in my direction.
A chill runs down my back, and I am paralyzed with fear. I scramble to get up but fail to do so. I back up as far as I can go.

She wouldn’t… No, she wouldn’t…
She’s too close for comfort now. My heart beats wildly in my chest, threatening to explode.
She can’t…
“Please…” I beg. “Mama… please. No… please…”
She raises the adaptor over her head. I press up against the wall. There is no doubt left in my brain concerning what she intends to do. I look at her face, but it is wiped blank of even her customary mocking smile.
I close my eyes, just in time for pain beyond anything I have ever experienced to come crashing down on my head, jolting all my nerves, extending to every molecule in my body.

One last question - one last bubble - makes its way to my mind, as much as I try to suppress it.
If a life is virtually empty, is it still a life?
Or, more importantly, one worth living?

And then… surrounding me from all directions: a friend, for once.. offering me peace and serenity, instead of the usual uncertainty.........


Fati said...

What can I say? Mashallah? A thousand words ma ywfon eb 7agk! Danya! You are amazingly talented. As I said before, I'll be first in line to get your autograph when your book gets published. Keep writing!

Mashallah <3 !

Noor Gritly said...

Wow Danya! this is amazing Mshallah. You're really good !!
Keep it up ;)
You should really write a novel or something.. :O Forrrreal !

xx good luck

daifuku said...

Wowooza! You pulled me in. I hope this is a work of fiction. I too think you are writer material.

Shadow said...

I pray to God that this is not based on reality.

But really .. WHOA

I am buying two copies when the book comes out, cause i have a feeling it is gonna be THAT good.

You are amazing

Danya A. said...

6ab3an Fati. Along with an autographed copy of my Visa photograph, as promised.
(fil a7lam il s3eda)
Noor, I will inshallah! Someday...... :P I think the name of my blog says it all..
Shadia, ahahaha. It's fictionnn :P Why, did it scare you? 'Tis what I intended (H)
Daifuku, do I know you? :P Your blog seems really cool, I'll check it out =)
Thanks everyone, so, so, so much <3 If it weren't for your support I'd have zero motivation, really.

Mayada M.H said...

Whoaw mn jed u sound really good, like a pro,, the best thing i read written by u,, ever...
the words.. the mood.. the everything.....

Danyaaa i really doubt that a girl ur age could have this ability.. i kno i SHOULD expect this from someone like u, but u always impress me.. SURPRISE me to be more accurate..

i REALLY wish u the best.. u deserve to be a famous novelist one day.. i wish u published a couple of novels a year ago so that i could analyze it bel english ;)

Sorry for all the falsafa.. im just.. speechless (yeah sure ba3ad kel hal kalam..).. well i am.. and wut i wrote is just an attempt to express wut i think, though it's not even close...

This seriously looks like a part of a really successful novel..

I'm gonna cryyy now mn kether ma el mafroo9' tkoonyyy very famous now.. and if u write a really good novel at this age u could be even more famous: 17.. Saudi.. Girl.. wrote a novel that could be one of the best novels written in the 21st century!! and maybe for an even longer time!!

anyways.. dont wanna take a lot of space in ur new blog :P bas yalla i can't keep myself from expressing this!!

Anonymous said...

1st of all, Salamaaaat!
2nd .ehm...I am in loss of words here. I would have never guessed this was written by a 17 year old! Absolutely brilliant! I sensed your talent back the workshop; your wording is superb. Your choice of topic is a bit dark and somewhat disturbing to be frank, but putting that aside, you'd make an excellent writer Insha Allah! God bless! ...
Ps-..Think happy thoughts when writing next time ! :P

Danya A. said...

Mayada haha I pretty much lol'd my way through your comment. It's so Mayada-ish :P I can see you're totally speeclhess......... :P I'm 18! bel 3arabii anyway. agollk shay bas ma t'67ken? amza7 bukra bgol lk :P Thank you so much wallah. You made my day :P <3

Oh shut up Ahmed I am a HAPPY person this is just a storyyyy :P It is disturbing though, isn't it? Especially at the end. I'm considering taking that part out. I'll decide later, when the novel is complete (hur hur, never). Danke! =) You're very talented yourself. The next Martin Luther King Jr! Seriously, if you're not a motivational speaker one day, I'll...... eat a brownie (SACRIFICE)

JJ said...

There really aren't any words to describe this. I almost jumped into the screen by the end of it. I want to know why she's hitting her =o
It IS a she, isn't it? Lol, "It" =P
FFS, write that novel already.

- JJ x

P.S. You should publish your entire "Random" file. Amazing stuff there.

Wuthering said...

"And then… surrounding me from all directions: a friend, for once.. offering me peace and serenity, instead of the usual uncertainty.........

WoW, great ending.

Naimah said...

DANYA!!!!!!!! I'm literally speechless! Like seriously, I don't know what to say except for wooooooooooow and that's not even a word!
y3ne I couldn't stop reading! I don't even know if I blinked :/