Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reality Show

Have you ever thought, or gotten the gut-feeling, or toyed with the idea – that everyone is talking about you? Not necessarily in a bad way. Well, yes, in a bad way. Like they know something about you that you don't, or something you know but didn't think they did. And then you start contemplating the idea that maybe -just maybe!- secret hidden cameras are following you everywhere, and everyone is getting second-to-second updates on your life. When they look at you, they know the color of the underwear you're wearing; they know you had a fight with your brother; they know you spent ages on your hair in the morning but failed to make it look presentable. They know you're laughing and joking now but just this morning you were crying. They know exactly when you're lying, and they know the truth, because they've seen it happen.

And just when you begin to think you're a total weirdo for thinking that stuff, you watch that movie, The Truman Show, the one where Jim Carry plays a character whose whole life turns out to be a reality show. A reality show that everyone in the world watched and knew about - except for him, and the town he lived in was nothing but an artificial world designed to keep him from escaping and finding out the truth.

And after you watch the movie and think, whoever wrote this script has got serious problems! - you remember: Oops, I was just thinking along those same lines.
Does this mean you have serious problems? Or, since at least one other person has thought of it before, maybe hundreds of others have, too?

Imagination is a funny, funny thing really, when you think about it. At least it keeps you entertained.
Especially when you're supposed to be studying.


Meshari said...
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Meshari said...

The Truman Show totally fucked with my head when it fist came out. I remember thinking that my life was a TV show, lol I still wonder every now and then.

daifuku said...

If you thought that was a weird movie & you enjoyed it,I bet you'll love watching Stranger than Fiction(if you haven't already seen it). I must admit, I act that insane at times. I console myself by thinking everyone does.
Go study! Everytime you try to study, you will come up with an entertaining post!:D YAY!

Samar said...

ahahaha I always think like that.

Sometimes you think of weird stuff and you think they're really weird, but then it turns out that everyone else thinks them too.

Moodiez said...

"they know you had a fight with your brother".......... ahh!! it isn't danyaa who wrote the piece if it had no fighting-with-brother!!! EVEN EPGY agrees with me!! damn...

Oh man!! I used to think the same way!!!! and i remember when i saw the trueman show! i thought: "i wouldn't be surprised if i wasn't the next trueman".. because, we all feel, "watched".. but u kno, we are, but not by people... hmm, maybe that's why muslims and God believers are more, calm in their lives, or at least supposed to be, because they actually kno who's watching them :P