Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Water of Bottle

(I figured it would be appropriate to use my most recent typo as the title for my most recent post. Bottle of water, water of bottle, potato potahto.)

So again I find myself at a loss trying to wrap my head around how quickly time flies by. It's been over a month since I made my last post claiming to be back. I feel like that dad from every other movie. You know, the one who ran out on his wife and lil Jimmy and lil Lucy when they were just wee little babies. The one who shows up every Christmas promising Jimmy and Lucy (not so little anymore) ferris wheel rides and cotton candy and hugs and bedtime stories but disappears before Christmas dinner is even served. The one Jimmy pretends to hate but secretly still wants back home. The one Lucy still cries herself to sleep over.

But you don't cry yourself to sleep over me, followers. So are we cool? Yeah, we cool.

I have two things for you.

1- A song. Just for you.
Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine
Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You

2- I wrote a little poem, just for you. It's called Every Other Morning.

Every Other Morning: a poem

Wake up

Eyes shut tight

To keep the sunlight

From trickling in

Fall off bed

(On purpose)

Stand up and shuffle to the bathroom

Or crawl

Eyes still closed

Anything goes

Trust that you just picked up your toothpaste

And not your pineapple face scrub

"It’s toothpaste!"

Although, on some occasions..

It’s pineapple face scrub

Shuffle to bedroom

Or crawl

Eyes still closed

Anything goes

Trust that you're putting on your good jeans

And not the ones with a big hole

Where your hiney is

Those would be your best jeans

For special occasions only

Trust that you're putting on a clean sweater

Preferably your Beatles one

But anything goes

Eyes still closed

Grope through closet looking for socks

Sniff socks

They smell clean

Trust that you're putting on clean socks

Shuffle around bedroom

Or crawl

Eyes still closed

Anything goes

Find shoes

Wear shoes

No one has knocked on your door yet

Bus isn’t here yet

You have time..

To water your plants

Good morning Lucy, Marla, and Marcelle

Look for bottle of water

Feel up random objects on your table

Find bottle of water

Trust that it’s a bottle of water

And not the Dr. Pepper

You poured into a bottle of water

Find plants

Water plants

Trust that you're watering your plants

And not your books

Trust that you're not Dr. Peppering your plants

Nor your books

Shuffle to the door

Come to a halt

Step backwards

“Beep” like a truck on reverse

You're forgetting something..

You're sure of it..

What is it?


Screw it

Shuffle down the stairs

Eyes still closed

Pray you don’t trip

Although, on some occasions…

You do trip

Wave hello to security officer

You know he’s there

You can’t see him

But you can hear him


Walk to the bus

Or zigzag

Eyes still closed

Anything goes

Walk to the back of the bus

Where empty seats

Are guaranteed

To avoid sitting

On someone else’s lap

And then

And only then

Do you dare

To open your eyes




Palm your face

For you remember..

What you had forgotten.


Just playin'. So it's slightly hilarious how if we rewind my life's tape back to one year ago, I'm basically exactly the same, only 3 kilograms lighter and sans awesome Superman boxers.

Crouched in my seat, listening to music, procrastinating college applications, even though one is due on the first of January. Re-applying to colleges has been a major hassle. Oh, for those of you who don't know, just a quick recap of the past few months of my life: I was all set to go to Montreal, Canada to study chemical engineering at McGill. But then I got accepted into a scholarship program to study geophysics. So now I'm taking a prep year here in Saudi Arabia and applying to colleges all over again. Ah, well. You gotta do whatchu gotta do, friends.

Or in my case: you gotta put off whatchu gotta do, friends. My recipe for success. Things tie up nicely anyhow.


Anonymous said...

That poem is beyond amazing. BEYOND!! Still lqtm!!!!:D:D:D

Please write more often. Please? And the song is awwwwesome.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Keep em coming! Love this!

Anonymous said...

Feel up random objects on my table
Find a water of bottle *

I love how the song started exactly when I started reading the post and finished exactly when I finished reading :') !!

Anonymous said...

honestly this is the best blog i've ever read
I'm not exaggerating
You're talented.
I picture myself in the future going to the bookstore to get a copy of one of your books!
let that happen.. please

Poppy said...

I love that poem..you are such an amazing writer.

And congrats on school, you've accomplished so much for a procrastinator. :-)

Reema said...

I agree with what anonymous 3 said. you're signing mine BTW ;)

Wuthering said...

Danya! haha i feel the same way although i figure we're all in the same boat. chemical engineering/geophysics!! ooooh two very relevant important fields for the future! im still studying human biochemistry, and my health has improved. Take care!